Golden Eyes (boyxboy)

Golden Eyes (boyxboy)

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Emo Friend By lceRose Completed

Alex is your average shy guy. Not very bright and kinda of a loner.
But despite this he has a pure and large lover for mythology, despite most of people people around him calling him stupid, childish and moronic for it.

Two new students move to Alex's school, not so loud or much for words. Have a more wild air to them.

But what happens when Alex turns out to not so human as he may had thought and is what the twins are looking for.

Find Out

SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Aug 27, 2016
The real question is, who would make a park in the woods in the first place? 😂
SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Aug 26, 2016
That's suck a sad but interesting way to start a book off. I like it so far! 😂❤
so your calling him a cigarette i see, funny thing is people are addicted to cigarettes therefore people are addicted to him
Voomaid Voomaid Oct 18, 2016
I think this is really good! If you need someone to edit, I am always up for the job.
tigerhon12 tigerhon12 Jan 17
Who da hell tild you to follow someone into the woods??!? You fool😈
Slothasaurs Slothasaurs Jan 15
My name is Noah ;-; I am small and frail, I would never hurt someone.