Mommy Plus Me Equals One Broke Daddy

Mommy Plus Me Equals One Broke Daddy

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Genesis By jerkfacejenny Updated May 13, 2017

I know your typical story might start off with once upon a time, or maybe someone telling you about themselves, you know yadah yadah yadah. My story doesn't exactly start off like that. Let me tell you how my morning went.

I don't even know exactly how it happened but all I know is it happened. And right now, I'm still trying to process what happened. How i managed to slip out without him waking up, i don't know. Plus my hangover was 10 times worse than it is now, so I should have gotten an award for not fucking up. You know what, get me an oscar, because so far the guys don't know a thing.

"So did you have fun at the party?" Albert asked me.

"It was great! Good to get out for once and do things people our age normally do." I told them

"No guys bothered you right?"

"Nope." Yes.


"Well I'm glad you had fun."

Let me introduce myself my name is Jesse Lorenzo, and about three hours ago I woke up in the arms of the most gorgeous guy, naked and hungover.

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