A Rose Without Thorns

A Rose Without Thorns

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Fay is a young princess who is next in line for the throne in the Arialite Kingdom. She is curious about the world she hasn't seen over the castle's walls since her fathers demise, but she is also quite afraid of becoming leader one day to a new era of people.
The alliance consisting of the four main kingdom brings friendly faces and people, but she knows trouble is brewing in the North and a powerful being vows to destroy the bonds between the alliance of the four kingdoms. Will Fay be able to maintain the balance of all four kingdoms and become a great leader, or will she back down and watch it crumble and fall along with all of her friends and loved ones? Find out in the story:
"A Rose without Thorns"

(All of the characters featured in this story belong to mondo media and are currently humanized in this book with human names.)

I hope you enjoy this book.

  • fairytale
  • fantasy
  • htf
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