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Caroline Adams By CarolineAdams Updated Jun 06

Persephone, The Goddess of Life, book one of The Goddess series.

Persephone was a beautiful young hearted soul. Her hair was as red as roses and bright as the sun. Her eyes were green with nature blooming as she touched the ground with her feet. Everywhere Persephone walked flowers sprouted from the ground. She sang songs to the birds and to the trees, telling secretes of little thing. 

She was her mothers favorite. She always sat on her mothers lap as she did her work on her golden thrown. And when her mother and her whisked down to earth she would create new plants that were different colors and bloomed with new sweet fruits.

But even someone as admirable as Persephone, could never go unnoticed by the Gods. One in particular seems to have taken an interest.

I'm not sure if it's in the myth or not, but I don't like when authors have hades and Persephone meet before he kidnaps her. It makes him look like a totally creep, and it kinda ruins the whole kidnapping thing. Just my opinion, though😂
nutmeg349 nutmeg349 Mar 19
Hades is such a perv I know he just wants love and attention but this is so very creepy
Reading this book for the second time because I love it so much!
I thought her eyes were green and in this story Hades is a sick man
_obianuju _obianuju Apr 27
he wants his innocence back i think. not hers. y'all so dirty minded it bad that when he said staff i thought of something else cause you know hades is supposedly a creep and a pervert. So u know i just thought he meant his other staff. Down there you know. I dont think hades is creepy anymore. I think im the creep now. YEAH BOI i just out creeped the creeper