Finding Love ( Teen Wolf ) Jordan Parrish

Finding Love ( Teen Wolf ) Jordan Parrish

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Lacey's P.O.V

It sucked living in the hospital, well basically I go there a lot. I wasn't born with good lungs so I had to go to the hospital almost every two days. Tonight is one of those nights. My breathing was more horrible than usual, I was hanging out with my brother Scott and our best friend Stiles. I was walking out of my room to go get something to eat when I couldn't breathe and fell to the ground, Scott being a werewolf and his hearing heard a thud. Next thing I know is that I was being picked up by Scott and rushed to the the hospital. We were in Stiles's jeep during the ride I passed out due to lack of oxygen. When we rushed through the hospital door I was barely alive. They hooked me up and I passed out.

Scott's P.O.V

Stiles and I rushed Lacey into the hospital when we walked through the doors a team had already taken her from my hands. I felt so guilty she could be healthy right now, Derek had offered her the bite. She could be breathing with no problem right now, ins...

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    Nope I can't do this. Melissa was the only thing that got me through all six seasons of Teen Wolf
    Okay I'm done.  
                                  I'm sorry, I'm sure that it's a great story, but you can't just kill off a pretty important role in a show when you are writing a book about it.  It makes everything confusing.