Finding Love ( Teen Wolf ) Jordan Parrish

Finding Love ( Teen Wolf ) Jordan Parrish

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Lacey's P.O.V

It sucked living in the hospital, well basically I go there a lot. I wasn't born with good lungs so I had to go to the hospital almost every two days. Tonight is one of those nights. My breathing was more horrible than usual, I was hanging out with my brother Scott and our best friend Stiles. I was walking out of my room to go get something to eat when I couldn't breathe and fell to the ground, Scott being a werewolf and his hearing heard a thud. Next thing I know is that I was being picked up by Scott and rushed to the the hospital. We were in Stiles's jeep during the ride I passed out due to lack of oxygen. When we rushed through the hospital door I was barely alive. They hooked me up and I passed out.

Scott's P.O.V

Stiles and I rushed Lacey into the hospital when we walked through the doors a team had already taken her from my hands. I felt so guilty she could be healthy right now, Derek had offered her the bite. She could be breathing with no problem right now, ins...

epitament epitament Mar 23, 2017
Nope I can't do this. Melissa was the only thing that got me through all six seasons of Teen Wolf
musicalmeg56 musicalmeg56 Mar 21, 2017
Okay I'm done.  
                              I'm sorry, I'm sure that it's a great story, but you can't just kill off a pretty important role in a show when you are writing a book about it.  It makes everything confusing.