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My Red Eyed Defensive Werewolf {BxB}

My Red Eyed Defensive Werewolf {BxB}

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Elisandra By j-jastin Updated 13 hours ago

They say that you will love someone no matter what. No matter what gender they are. No matter what world they belong to. No matter if they are human or not, you will love them nevertheless. That's what happens with Justin Bieber and Jason McCann. They belong to two different worlds. One of them belonging to the supernatural world. The other belonging to the mortal world called humans.

Jason's love for Justin will die when the devil goes into a church and if the day Jason stops loving Justin comes is the day when he takes his last breath. No clouds fall from the sky however strong the wind is. In their love will be turbulence but calmness will come.

There's no hearts of stones, neither are there blind feelings that are able to challenge real eternal love and if love loses in a war, its not normal.

"Two mountains can't get together but you and I can, baby" ~ Jason.

What happens when Jason finds out who his mate is? What happens when he is confused as in why his mate is a human and on top of that a guy? Will Jason's dad accept that the future alpha of the Dark Red pack is mated to a guy? How will he be able to give the pack heirs and keep the family blood flowing? 

Is Justin going to accept Jason? Will he freak out? Justin always loved reading about supernaturals creatures. He finds them fascinating, but what happens when he meets one in real life? What happens when he is mated to one?

Find out!

© copyright 2015

Jelenaforever2009 Jelenaforever2009 4 days ago
You're doing the right thing Justin okay,  so now that you know so much go get Jason.
lovley_143 lovley_143 Jan 31, 2016
*really?? Im sorry it just scared me cuz it made it sound as he did not want to live
chieyere_01 chieyere_01 Jan 03, 2016
Your story is soooo good im reading it over and over again lmaoo i love it
Louiexx Louiexx Aug 10, 2015
wait that's his averag height but still he's sooo tiny its cute