Lab Rats: Last Chance

Lab Rats: Last Chance

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Allison Wild By allisonwild101 Updated Oct 23

Sometimes you've got to move back in order to move forward and that's exactly what Mia has to do. After finding out her dead adoptive parents were once her father's closest friends, Mia has to begin digging into their past while also finding out what really happened with her father because there is no way that her mother had killed him many years ago. Chase is offering to help but is being distracted ever so often, Bree is trying to figure out what is going on with her and Sebastian, Adam is falling for her close friend Kadie, and Leo is being Leo. He's there to help but gets carried away way too easily leaving Mia in the dust. Feeling as if no one is there for her, Mia begins to keep secrets again worrying the handful of people who love her.

Ali and Sarah are the only people who know what's going on and are helping her out as much as they can all while keeping this 'Ethan' boy away from her. Mia doesn't see it but Ethan is not interested in her but he is interested in who she is and intends on killing her. 
What Mia doesn't know is that this is her Last Chance before she looses everything. Her friends, her life, her kingdom, her one true love but most importantly...

...her family.

Season 4 of Secretly Super

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