Kiss Me ~ A Thomas Brodie Sangster Love Story

Kiss Me ~ A Thomas Brodie Sangster Love Story

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"I'm sorry Miss, but all of our flights are cancelled for the time being, due to the blizzard. We will let everyone know when we reschedule our flights, but for now, please wait. We apologize." The man at the front desk says. I sigh, then walk back to the chair that I had claimed as mine. I was in a more secluded part of the airport, the only people in the area were me and a few elderly people.

I'm Kylie. Brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm really pale. Pretty normal I guess.

Well, that's another night that I have to pay for my cat to stay at the pet hotel. And who knows how long I'll have to stay at this airport. 

My vacation to England was wonderful. I got to see so many things, I was definitely not going to forget it. Especially now that I was going to be stuck in this airport. I stare ahead of me, at nothing. 

Two hours pass. The blizzard doesn't show any sign of stopping. All of a sudden, there was a commotion near the main part of the airport. I guess someone was getting angry. T...

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LaurenMary-May LaurenMary-May May 15, 2017
Imma be honest I get so emotionally involved with the books I read so I'm literally fan girling in side when this isn't even happening to me 😂😂😂😂😂
angie2235 angie2235 Mar 15, 2017
I would throw my phone across the room then say,what picture?
Deidrederr Deidrederr 4 days ago
Im literally changing the story to fit with me. So far my name is Tokyo and im from bloody Spain. Im not even, but I like it😂😂
Deidrederr Deidrederr 4 days ago
I would just be like: Hmm? *throws phone out of window* YEET
SangsterGanster1990 SangsterGanster1990 Feb 07, 2017
This was so good. I am literally laughing and crying already.
Ball_of_Happiness Ball_of_Happiness Feb 26, 2017
Imagine Joe your random guy you always find at the back of the newsagents who just wants to go and be warm somewhere and avoid the UK weather than he sees that.lmao.