Kechin a new species

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Savannah Aulson By 336apple8 Updated 5 years ago
Kechin is a creature that has 10 senses. 5 human senses and 5 new ones. The new ones are: 1. ice. 2. fire 3. invisibility. 4. mind reading. 5. flight. If a Kechin freezes someone they turn into a black cloak. If they burn someone they become a red cloak also known as a red trainer. 
    One day a young boy named Tom finds out that he is a kechin, that has survived to be 14. See the black cloaks kill Kechins because they become to powerful like: adolf hitler. 
    A red trainer meets Tom and tells him whats going on in his point of view and asks Tom if he can train him to defeat all of the black cloaks. But will he? How will things turn out? FIND OUT NOW!
I Love the story so far! Awesome job I can't wait to keep reading!!. :p Will you please check out my stories Nightmares ~ The Angel Night Story and Remember December? Thank you!
haha okay. i will check it out!  you really write well for a 12 year old. i am 13 i cnt even write dat gud! wow and you will make a great author