In The Name of The King (#Wattys2016)

In The Name of The King (#Wattys2016)

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Nat By natlaxy2424 Updated 6 days ago

Adelaide was never quite a charmer or even a lady for that matter. A sister to six brother's is every bit as hard as it sounds, especially when you barely have any parents to speak of. When a pair of thieves ransack their carriage trying to kidnap Adelaide, she's spun into a world full of knights, adventure, love, and finding who her true self really is.


Cover by: BluKandi007

Doesn't this girl have like a heel or something? She could either rip them off, and run or rip them off and stab the guys in the eye with it. 
                              *reads over my comment*
                              Dang I'm violent
Great cliffhanger, love the unique names, and love the setting. <3
Okay, I read the first chapter and I like it. I love this type of story, the drama/fantasy kind with swords and swordfights and etc. The names are unique, and I like that. It just wouldn't make sense to have this kind of story and a name like Ben or etc. It helps with the entire setting.
enhergies enhergies Jun 14
great start!! very well written, and I love the names, too! keep it up:)
abelisbae abelisbae Sep 04
And if you think you're sinking I will jump right over into cold cold water for you