The House

The House

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A.C. Bell By ACBell Updated Jan 26

15 year old Kara Marie is in for a rude awakening when her mother gets remarried to a man who rules with an iron fist and expects Kara to fall in line like his other four children.

She is forced to move with them into "The House", a large four story house that is in another part of town away from everyone and everything she knows. 

The House has a few perks like the boy next door who is super cute but weird.  Also her room is bigger then the one she used to have and she has her own bathroom.

 However the room at the top of the fourth floor staircase scares her and she refuses to go into the room until she is locked in there by her mean step brother. Being locked into the fourth floor is the start of the terrifying problems that begin for Kara and her new family. 

If she doesn't figure out the secrets of the house Kara and her new siblings will not survive.

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IBnini IBnini Jul 07, 2017
I would never speak to my mother ever again if she let someone beat me like that, it's sick what she allowed that man to do to her daughter.
IBnini IBnini Jul 07, 2017
He's not her father, she doesn't have to call him dad unless she wants to and if he wants to keep beating her like that then she can go to the police and have him charged with battery assault.  I would.
meatyourmaker meatyourmaker Sep 22, 2017
These people have issues and this girl needs to hightail it pronto
liv1234xx liv1234xx Apr 11
That’s completely out of order forcing her to call him dad
NavyCamber NavyCamber Jan 04
Just came upon your story and I’m loving it! Poor Kara; what an adjustment she is forced to face. I’m interested to see how the step sibling dynamic is going to pan out!!
myfatherisjoy myfatherisjoy Aug 26, 2017
Its amazing how calm Kara seems right now. In her place id be terrified, course my friends didnt come pity party me when i moved a few months ago but still.....