detention | skammy (au)

detention | skammy (au)

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skammy's child By majesticpugs Updated Dec 01, 2015

"Sammy, come on man. Tomorrow is our last day of freedom before school starts again. The least you could do is come party with us," Gilinsky pleaded. 

Sam sighed. He decided to give into Jack's ways and go to the party with him and Johnson. He got out of bed, cringing when the cold air hit his body. He got ready quickly since the Jacks were already on their way. When Sammy was fixing his hair, someone came through the door. 

"Sammy Wilk, my man," Gilinsky said with a cheeky smile. 

"The condoms are in the top drawer, in the back," Sammy said as he continued to fix his hair. 

Jack ran into Sammy's room, grabbing two condoms, one for tonight and another one for tomorrow. 

Sam followed Jack into his room and sighed. 

"Look you two are a cute couple and all, but please keep it quiet. I don't want to hear Johnson's screams and moans like you do," Sammy said. 

Jack rolled his eyes. "No promises," he said, winking. 

Both boys rushed back to the car. Gilinsky got in the front, Sammy in...

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barrys-vans barrys-vans Aug 11, 2017
idk but like when i see "jumped in" i automatically think they ACTUALLY jumped in
barrys-vans barrys-vans Aug 11, 2017
how did mama will not notice hickies on her son like i burnt myself with the straightener and she thought i had a hickey
barrys-vans barrys-vans Aug 11, 2017
y'all saying nate is sammy's teacher but he could be a new student like chill lmao
underscoremilkovich underscoremilkovich Jun 13, 2016
Everybody's like "HIS SON?!" 
                              And I'm like "NO SMUT?! TF FAM?!" and then cries in the corner
Emily_Collado123 Emily_Collado123 Dec 20, 2016
Nah cause you really said a son. Samuel, look what you have gotten yourself into