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Sex Academy

Sex Academy

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Just a average girl By averageteenagerx Updated 2 days ago

This is the school for horny teenagers who enjoy having sex. You'd be surprised how hard it is, being a student of Sex Academy considering the head mistress is one of the ' worlds best sex gods' and when her daughter joins the school, things get out of hand. 
Boys go head over heals for her 
Girls get jealous
And people get hurt...

AjWalters10 AjWalters10 Nov 04, 2016
Wow hopefully nobody is a player here! Jk lol I know there is at least one!
OMG this is the weirdest book ever and I'm not talking about the baby making part
Same but I can eat literally 20 lbs of food and gain less than a pound
katesrainbow katesrainbow Apr 15, 2016
I'm a gamer girl that's so lucky that can do social experiments on gangs on gta5 while eating crap and still be very slim with a flat stomach so pizza over celery any day of da week
Suishou_Asuna Suishou_Asuna Dec 26, 2016
It's nice but.. Some of the words are wrong.. I can understand pa naman