Head in the Clouds (BWWM)

Head in the Clouds (BWWM)

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Kristina ­čŹ» By stinaadc Updated Sep 14, 2016

"Breaking News. For the past couple of months a mask murderer has struck the city approximately 12 times these past three months. He carves his revolting signatures on his victims all the same, C.V. But we have no clue as to what they stand for. We've discovered all of these victims have been African American females, but they don't seem to tie together with this murderer's scheme. This doesn't mean he won't attack any other race either. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, lock your doors at night and pull up your drapes. As well, just make sure -"

An unexpected sharp knock rattled on the wooden door along with the doorbell.
He bit his lip softly as he gazed down at her breasts again. Her nipples poking through her currently soaking shirt turned him on to the fullest. His hand touched down from his chest and broke in a downward stroke as the other leaned against the wall near her head.

"Fuck." He moaned.


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royalbabeeeee royalbabeeeee Oct 11, 2016
Lol she clutched that dog like a white girl. "No No! Please! Take mom she's old, just don't touch my dog!"
codeinecurls codeinecurls May 27, 2016
Shid idc if he's a murderer, he's fine asf nd can murder this p├╝ssy any day Ôś║´ŞĆ
mimi45961 mimi45961 Oct 25, 2016
Nothing wrong, but she won't live long enough to enjoy coco ya know?
antisocialextrovert antisocialextrovert May 20, 2016
I shall name him squishy and he shall be my squishy. Hey there Squishy *dory voice*
Basicbitchhere Basicbitchhere Dec 10, 2016
GONNA GET RAPED not me the girl omg wat is this why you all in my business
uzishoulders uzishoulders Aug 06, 2016
I never understood how " tall dark and handsome" is used to describe white people