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Mya By VintageCanvas Completed

❝You have ten days left to live, make the best of it.❞

Madeline Peyton and Zachary Tyler went together like peanut butter and jelly. She never went a day without thinking about him and he never went a day without planning his future with her in the picture. When Madeline continues to experience health problems, she goes to the doctor only to be told that she has ten days left.

But what she didn't know, was that Zachary Tyler fell for her. 

And time was running out to make her fall for him.

FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Apr 13, 2016
this bout to be sad af. unless she somehow overcomes this cancer
Miss_Impossible Miss_Impossible Jun 04, 2015
Ooh this is really, really, gorgeous. And the titles for the chapter are really unique and I like it.
shutupdehlia shutupdehlia Apr 29, 2015
It sounds so real. I'm completely jealous of your writing style.
shutupdehlia shutupdehlia Apr 29, 2015
I'm excited to read this. It's intriguing. Though maybe I will cry when I'm done with it.
Nyhterides Nyhterides Apr 18, 2015
Great voice in the prologue. I enjoyed the whole feeling in this.
Miss_Kajo Miss_Kajo Apr 01, 2015
Honestly. . . .  I love it already M! It's sounds riveting.