When Mechanics Meet (PJO / Avengers )

When Mechanics Meet (PJO / Avengers )

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storymaker1235 By storymaker1235 Updated Aug 03

Tony Stark's mother dies and leves him with her diary. In this, he discovers that he had a half sister, Esperanza Valdez. He learns that even though she is dead her son, Leo Valdez, is not. And thanks to social media, he knows just where to find him. Or at least find information to find him. How will this family reunion go? Thanks to a piarate and a dog, not so well. And if Tony learns anything from this entire experience it would be to NEVER give a dimigod a spinny chair, especially Leo.

I really hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


Lesemaus16 Lesemaus16 Aug 30
Annabeth02 Annabeth02 Sep 10
I'm laughed so hard at a party 
                              And people are looking at me like I'm a maniac
polysemy polysemy Apr 17
that kinda contradicts on itself. you know, like mourning the death of some person who you hear died on the news? even if you didn't know them??
I love the whole LEO is Tony'Stephen instead of Percy since Leo makes more sense!
RAB10200 RAB10200 Apr 25, 2015
Why would he want to drive in a fancy car when he needs to be Lo-ki. Get it?