The New Girl At West Haven Academy

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(watty awards) When lisbeth arrives at the new prestigious school her cousin goes to she automatically fits in.  But when her heart starts feeling things it shouldn't is when everything takes a turn for the worst. Her heart being torn in two. Knowing which one she should choose. But her feelings are also strong for the other. Deaths, secrets, lies, and pain wreck her life. How can she continue when everything falls apart. Her life slowly seems to crumble  unless someone can help her.
I have a suggestion 
                                    If you put less space between each paragraph, it would be easier to read.
I agree with everyone that it could use a few more details, but you've already got so much drama waiting to happen: a new school, a new house, a brother with cancer. Great start!
Few grammar errors that I'm pretty sure you'll fix. It's yet another werewolf story, no offense, but I'm really getting tired of reading these. You're a very good writer though and it's interesting, being the new girl ;)
okay so it didnt suck...dont put yourself down like that lol <3 anyway its good so far....=] <3
It's nice even if it's not really my type of story ;D The name of your main character's pretty. Never read it anywhere before and I totally love it ;D
                                    Anyways, I noticed some few grammatical errors but they don't really disturb the reading ;D
Cool name,lol. Like your story, I enjoyed it. Keep writing. ;)