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WINGING IT - Wattpad Featured Story

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*Many of you have noted that you wish there were either a sequel or another book to read! I will consider a sequel if there's enough interest (and time) because I LOVE this book too! But if you want more of my writing I have a Demon and Angel series available through my publisher, FFF Digital. The first book: SOUL CROSSED is out and the second will be out shortly (September). 

Here's a tease: Bad boy Josh Gaynes is a Demon of Hell. Good girl Grace Howard is an Angel of Heaven. They’re also both students at a Michigan high school: Unbeknownst to the other, each is on a mission to save or damn the same soul. But there’s a gray area between good and evil, and the rules of Heaven and Hell are twisted. What will happen when Angel and Demon fall into a forbidden love?


*I'd like to thank BOBJAN70 for the awesome cover update!! *

A manuscript I haven't published... yet. I love it because I love Zach (my main character) and I hope you do too!


Sixteen-year-old Zach discovers his mom is a fairy godmother. But what’s really freaking him out is the fact that he’s a fairy too. Now that his mom’s been injured, he must finish her assignments before the next full moon or they’re both grounded, meaning no wings, no wands, and no position in the Organization of Destiny Fulfillment (ODF). Sure it would suck to lose his newfound powers, but Zach quickly learns there’s far more at stake. Failure also means messing up the lives of the people he’s supposed to help. Forever.
Between a fairy-trainee who happens to be the girl he’s been in love with since fifth grade, a boss he doesn’t trust, and a gremlin physics teacher that wants to eat him, Zach’s pretty sure even a magic wand can’t bail him out.

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MooiRooi MooiRooi Aug 06, 2017
Honestly I'd faint right there and then if I saw a fairy in my room😂😂
OwynBeleforte OwynBeleforte Nov 11, 2017
As cheesy as thus book was, i really loved it - so someone comment on this at some point in the future when i can vote again.
Sound_Of_Sirens Sound_Of_Sirens Jun 04, 2017
Why am I imagining Emmet as a sassy black dude with a scarf and rectangular glasses. Help.
RickyPine RickyPine Nov 05, 2015
Right away this one's reminding me of Percy Jackson, and also that upcoming show Angel From Hell with Jane Lynch. In other words, it looks like I'm gonna really enjoy this here book. :D
ForNoReason12 ForNoReason12 Nov 02, 2015
My sister's natural hair color is silver. Mine's brown/black. Not fair.
user13730585 user13730585 Sep 12, 2018
I'm glade to finally find a book were the boy fell  to the girl and do stupid things when she is around cause literally every book I've read is versa and I'm glade to find something different without the cliche bad boy and the cliche good girl