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The Leader of The Nerds

The Leader of The Nerds

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Insριɾɑτιᴏn Sϵϵκϵɾ By xxJustGabixx Updated Feb 04, 2017

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"Our school is ... different" she told me, still looking at them.

"What do you mean, different?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me.

"Okay, listen the short version. You know how in most schools people are super into sports and all. Well here we care more about our grades. There is certain group of people who learn really hard and a few times a year they go to competitions. If they win, they bring awards and with that the school gets money. The teachers and the principal are happy so they treat them like kings and queens. Those are the nerds and they rule our school. Now do you understand?" Charlotte explained, breathlessly. I didn't want to make her repeat all of that again, so I just nodded my head and continued walking quietly beside her, still wondering what was with this school.

Suddenly everyone started whispering and looking around anxiously. I turned to Cherry with the hope she was going to explain what was the whole chaos about, but instead  she kept staring at something else, or must I say someone else. I looked at the entrance of the building and my eyes found the most handsome guy ever. He was wearing just a simple uniform, but there was something in the way he was walking, with so much confidence, that made him even more gorgeous.

"Who is that?" I asked Cherry, still looking at the Angel with open mouth.

"Ohh, that  ... that is Alex Cromwell. He is totally out of our league."

"What do you mean?"

"You remember how I explained about our school?" she asked and I nodded. After all it was just a minute ago. "Well, he is not only sexy, but smart too. No actually he is the smartest of them all. He is the leader of the nerds."

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@1koala7beni boş boş duruyon ingilizcen gelissin az jxhxhx
Oh sweetie, you're the side chick. The guy never leaves the main chick for the side chick.
You know that you are the 'other women' right? The third person in a 2people relationship? Regardless anything, you got what you deserved from him.....
HufflepuffenIt216 HufflepuffenIt216 Jan 06, 2017
American Oxygen uh wa oh, every breath I breath, chasing that American dream
Emotional_BioHazard_ Emotional_BioHazard_ May 14, 2016
Why would you go wit him? You don't know how many people he been wit he could have an STI or STD
AngelfromHawaii AngelfromHawaii Feb 24, 2017
Have you seen the horse in tangled he was cool 👌🏻👌🏻