The Immortality Game

The Immortality Game

15.8K Reads 746 Votes 24 Part Story
Ted Cross By TedCross Updated Dec 18, 2014

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Moscow, 2138. With the world only beginning to recover from the complete societal collapse of the late 21st Century, Zoya scrapes by prepping corpses for funerals and dreams of saving enough money to have a child. When her brother forces her to bring him a mysterious package, she witnesses his murder and finds herself on the run from ruthless mobsters. Frantically trying to stay alive and save her loved ones, Zoya opens the package and discovers two unusual data cards, one that allows her to fight back against the mafia and another which may hold the key to everlasting life.

cover art by Stephan Martiniere

  • artificial-intelligence
  • clones
  • cloning
  • cyberpunk
  • dystopian
  • dystopian-fiction
  • dystopian-world
  • dystopiansociety
  • genetic-engineering
  • genetics
  • immortality
  • mafia
  • moscow
  • near-future
  • russia
  • sci-fi
  • techno-thriller
  • technothriller
  • thriller
whiterabbitman whiterabbitman Jan 29, 2015
Gripping.  I like the futuristic elements.  They don't seem too unbelievable.
whiterabbitman whiterabbitman Jan 29, 2015
Great start and intriguing too.  I can't see how her job is going to help her in her mission yet so I'm reading on.
RichardMcnelly RichardMcnelly Apr 04, 2014
Meshing, pluging in and living in your mind or what evers programed for you. I don't know I kinda like ordering a pizza from a wall. Now that a life I can sink my teeth into.
                              I like what I'm reading, I think I'll keep at it. on to the next chapter.
- - Feb 08, 2013
I have no idea how she can do that job... But now I'm curious... Hmm... Next chapter!
ShadyLady ShadyLady Dec 17, 2012
@TedCross gah. Well if you look at it, someone's got to make corpses look nice. Definitely not my job of choice though.
TedCross TedCross Dec 16, 2012
@ShadyLady Thank you. Actually that's based on the job my sister-in-law had in Moscow back when I lived there.