My Heart

My Heart

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Alexis Nicole Pace Is THAT Bitch. She Knows It And Let It Be Known To Everybody. She's Not Known As The Girl That Everybody Knows And Likes.. She's That Bitch Who Doesn't Give A Fuck And Will Beat Any And Everybody Ass If She Has To. She's The Bitch Nobody Want To Fuck With. 

But Little Did She Know She Has A Soft Spot For A Special Someone.

Lexi Arye Trainor Is That Weird Girl Everybody Can Pick On. Ya Kno The Bitch Nobody Likes Cause That One Person Clowns Their Ass Everyday Like They Ain't Shit? Yeah That's Lexi. She's Soft And Sensitive And Any And Everything Can Break Her.. She Has A Rough Past And Goes Through It At Home.. But Nobody Knows.

Her And Alexis Somehow Get.. Close I Guess. And Alexis Finds Out A Lot Of Things That Makes Her Think Different Of Lexi.. It Also Makes Her Fall Head Over Heals For Her. And Alexis Would Do Anything For.. Her Heart.

F_U_C_K_I_T F_U_C_K_I_T Apr 29
Not with my mama😂😂😂 you could be 40 and she would still whoop yo ass
I woulda beat her ass , fym ? 😭😭 . She sound so ignorant bro
Breezee_g Breezee_g Nov 30, 2016
Smh she act like a kindergartner.....  I woulda whooped her ass and got the last laugh.
NitaConner NitaConner Jul 21, 2016
Ugh I don't like bully's she like her and think bullying her is going to get her some
NitaConner NitaConner Jul 21, 2016
This was so unexpected I feel so sorry for Lexi this is so sad
tianalee2004 tianalee2004 Oct 08, 2016
This girl's lifestyle is terrible someone please let her live with you or take the father to prison.. If that was my father I would have reported it a long time..