A Knife In The Dark (2P!England x Reader)

A Knife In The Dark (2P!England x Reader)

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Sequel to "A Special Cupcake"

___ had been taken back to America after her love, Oliver got caught and sentenced to death.
Her life takes a turn, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse, when she gets a summer job and meets a guy.
After introducing him to her parents, he reveals his true identity.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own Hetalia, nor do I own you.  But I do own this story.

Contains:  Violence, Sort of Sexual themes and Mild Language.

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MeowMeowStories MeowMeowStories Jul 09, 2017
Yes I have in a Bakery with a man who stored me down in his basement for a while only to do it again making me eat cupcakes and kill two people
RomanoTheCupcake RomanoTheCupcake May 12, 2017
Indeed, I worked at a bakery with a murderer convicted of death and I even killed myself.
Ka-chan_nya Ka-chan_nya Jul 01, 2017
Me:Yea I worked at a bakery with a killer, eating my own flesh into cupcakes and drinking blood, feeding people cupcakes with poison and also killing people 
                              Manager:...........you hired
ComplainingTomato03 ComplainingTomato03 Mar 03, 2016
I'm actually 12 XD but srsly I almost killed my Friend...-w-
SeekingShadows SeekingShadows Apr 02, 2016
Didn't we just lie?
                              Like, twice?
                              I mean, we had a job at the bakery, and we said last time that we were only 17...
Accidental_stalker Accidental_stalker Nov 26, 2016
Yes, I worked at a bakery with a psycho killer who forcibly made me kill two people for the months. Do I get the job?