Attention (KnB x Reader)

Attention (KnB x Reader)

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Lin🌸 By potato_chann Updated Dec 28, 2016

Being in a relationship with Midorima Shintaro, of course you want his attention. But why is it so hard? 

And some members of the GoM has a crush on you! And what? Midorima's childhood friend came back?! What will you do? Enjoy your emotional rollercoaster ride!


My_Light_In_My_Heart My_Light_In_My_Heart May 19, 2016
Mine is:
                              1. Kagami Taiga
                              6. Akashi
TheLonelyPotato411 TheLonelyPotato411 Apr 03, 2016
Remembering that moment he looked so hot when his glasses shone in broad daylight it fill you with determination //was hit in the head.
BecomeTheMeme BecomeTheMeme Jan 26, 2016
1.Midorima/Akashi (I can't choose, sorry)
                              5. Taiga
JessiexLatoya JessiexLatoya Jan 24, 2016
Mine has to go 
                              1; Midorima. 
                              2;  Murasakibara. 
                              3. Kuroko
                              4: Taiga 
                              5: Kise and finally 
                              6: Akashi
ana-fiolee ana-fiolee Dec 21, 2015
Mine is 
                              1.- Kuroko
                              2.- Taiga
                              3.- Aomine 
                              4.- Akashi
                              5.- Atsushi 
                              6.- Shin-chan
                              And i don't like Kise
Masked_Terror Masked_Terror Dec 11, 2015
Im sorry for all of u StingLu fans, but StingLu can die in a ditch. GO NALU!!!!!!