Music From the Heart ∙A Pokemon Fanfic∙

Music From the Heart ∙A Pokemon Fanfic∙

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Skittlestheskitty By skittlestheskitty Updated Nov 01, 2015

On the drums, Misty Wallflower is a pro. Strumming the guitar is no sweat to Leaf Green. Piano chords are a breeze to May Maple. And Dawn Berlitz has no trouble writing lyrics full of emotion. As well as these talents, they are blessed with beautiful singing voices.

Putting their talents to good use, they form the popular band, the White Roses.

Of course, it's not a surprise when they are invited to join the prestigious music high school, Golden Chord Academy. Seeing this as an opportunity to strengthen their skills, the four girls eagerly join, unknowing a rivalling boy band is in their midst.

As the girls are mobbed by fans, chased by boys and meet new friends/enemies, will they find the love life they wish like the ones that happen in predictable, cliché movie scenarios?

Or will hatred arise between the White Roses and the Dark Knights?

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BeYouGirls BeYouGirls May 07, 2017
*slow clap* congratulations ash you did something worth for your dense
LilMissLunaRose LilMissLunaRose Mar 31, 2015
I love it, but I can't help but notice that the name of the girls band is the same as mines in my story. But whatever.  Still gonna read it! ❤️❤️