Me And My Cute Little Angel (BoyXBoy)

Me And My Cute Little Angel (BoyXBoy)

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My_Angel_Kuroko By CelleArcel Updated Jul 30, 2016

In this story the GOM are still kids and this is a yaoi story.They are in Grade 2 or think what you like them to be.
-----------------------------------------------'Im always lonely cause I don't have someone to tell my pain.Everyone is the same.They don't even know whether I'm happy or not.They don't care about me......they only care about my money, that's all they want.
I'm lonely.....until he came to my life'
"Akashi-kun right?"

Until he came to my life

-----------------------------------------------Sorry I'm not that good at descriptions.
I hope you like it!
I'll try updating as fast as I can!

Yuki_The_Best Yuki_The_Best 7 days ago
I SURVIVED! I thought I was going to die because off the cuteness
LemonLadie LemonLadie Jul 07
I'm just imagining everyone as cute little chibi, chubby lil' kids and...
                              ITS. SO. FREAKIN. ADORABLE.
Kailynpotatoes Kailynpotatoes Nov 27, 2016
I'm watching Ouran High school Host Club right now and imagining them doing this as kids!
NinjaPilot10 NinjaPilot10 Jun 25, 2015
I sound like the older version of the blue haired kid..... I have blue hair and blue eyes 2.........
fujiwarakurosei fujiwarakurosei May 26, 2015
OMG ! *nosebleed*
                              so cuteee....!!! i like so much your story^^