Dangerously different

Dangerously different

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Mickey Restless By RickyRestless Updated Feb 01, 2017


Jackson and Stephen have been together for years now. ( 10 years but who's counting?! ) Jackson was even brave enough to ask him to be his husband 2 years after dating and living together. Now Riley is sixteen and happy, even Derek is a happy twenty year old! 

The same thing goes for Stephen and Jackson, right?

Well not exactly, Stephen has been acting...a bit animalistic for a few weeks now. Jackson knows this but he can't figure out what's wrong with his husband. Stephen is acting a bit too care-free and he's having memory loss but he just shrugs it off telling Jackson that he's fine and it's probably because he's turning old but Stephen is only 29 years old?!
One night they finally find out what's the problem.

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Pluviophile_Mortal Pluviophile_Mortal Apr 21, 2015
@RickyRestless that's my guess for his sickness. :) lel! Well he forgets himself whenever he smells meat.
RickyRestless RickyRestless Apr 21, 2015
@Pluviophile_Mortal animal instinct? I'm guessing that's your guess on his sickness?! lol
Pluviophile_Mortal Pluviophile_Mortal Apr 21, 2015
He's having his animal instinct take over when he see or smell meat.
SecretiveSsh SecretiveSsh Apr 20, 2015
I wanna know what's going on with him cause I want those abilities for gym