It was Fate (Older Hiccup x Reader)

It was Fate (Older Hiccup x Reader)

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All Rights are Reserved for Dreamworks. I don't own the cover either.

Also this takes place before Hiccup is dating Astrid.

Your just a ordinary girl in the land of Berk. You are an only child and you lost your mother. You now live with your dad. You don't usually socialize until a certain incident happens with the chief's son.

This story is completed. I'm not sure if it shows it,but on my screen it doesn't so just saying.

"What is this feeling, so sudden and new."
                              "I felt it the moment, I laid eyes on you"
                              "My pulse is rushing. My head is reeling. My face is flushing"
DJNightmare DJNightmare Sep 04
So I'm practically perfectly fine with no one else , independence, nice 😎
*le hit my head on the wall* bad Bianca bad!*says in dobby's voice* Bianca must be punished
Well Hiccup it's because I'm a loner and don't have a life do you understand now??
*grabs gun and points it to love* joy: OH GOD HARU'S GOT A GUN! fear: Haru but the gun down! *Shoots love* sadness: OH GOSH SHE JUST SHOT HARU!! me: ha ha im in control now!
KCS1305 KCS1305 Sep 18
Im extremely shy only bcuz he knows i like him and i...just am....i can also be kinda scared of him...i dont know😖😖