It was Fate (Older Hiccup x Reader)

It was Fate (Older Hiccup x Reader)

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All Rights are Reserved for Dreamworks. I don't own the cover either.

Also this takes place before Hiccup is dating Astrid.

Your just a ordinary girl in the land of Berk. You are an only child and you lost your mother. You now live with your dad. You don't usually socialize until a certain incident happens with the chief's son.

This story is completed. I'm not sure if it shows it,but on my screen it doesn't so just saying.

OH DEAR GOD!!!!! It's a wild dragon!!! It's not gonna just walk up to you and say, "Hi! Can you be my owner?" They try to tear your head off!!!
Every time I read 'I was...' I die laughing because it sounds like I'm a Viking gangster or something XDDDDDD
                              Anyone who gets this, I love you.
PainiteFox PainiteFox 6 days ago
You know what I'm thinking the type of dragon it would be called, a DayRage. It's a female and her name would be SkyWalker. (No not Star Wars)
You're Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
                              WHO WOULDNT LOVE YOU 🤷🏻‍♀️