Ashley Purdy is my DAD.

Ashley Purdy is my DAD.

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MyLifeNotYours65 By NicoleRentfrow Updated Oct 19

I fell at school and this school likes to take blood. I stared this school today. " So Nicole fell at gym " the nurse asked. " Yeah " I answered. She took so blood ow. " Nicole your blood sample does not match your parents " the nurse said. " WHAT " I screamed.


                            At Home

  " Mom dad the nurse took so blood at and she said that my blood is different " I asked. " Yes it is Nicole " my mom said. " Why is it different " I asked. " Its because you are adopted " my dad answered. " WHAT then who is my real parents are " I asked. " Its late Nicole go to bed and we will tell you in the morning " my mom said. I went up to my room it had BVB, A7X, and BMTH posters. I turned on my phone and listened to Black Veil Brides. My favorite is Ashley Purdy.

                          The next morning

" Nicole your real mom dead a few years back and your real dad does not know " my mom said. " Then who is my real dad " I asked. " Its.........

You have so many spelling errors. It makes people not want to read your story.
(I'm not being rude) you spelled finding wrong hunni (I telling cuz some assholes would be rude about it)