Riddle Room *completed*

Riddle Room *completed*

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*this book is completed* 'Riddle me this Olive Deck,' Edward Nigma chimes, cocking his head to the side, 'Made by God in pairs. Separated at birth on Earth. Found after years of search. Inseparable for the rest of the time?' 'I have no idea.' I reply. Edward takes a few steps closer, his face mere inches from mine.'Soulmates,' He breathes,'Olive Deck I believe you to be mine.' 
Olive Deck, otherwise known as the Shadow is a small criminal in Gotham. She was forced into the life of crime by an unfortunate event that occurred to her as a child. Edward Nigma, otherwise known as the Riddler is one of the largest criminals in the state. He has a mind far more advanced than any known human, but he is treated with dis-respect by those who stumble upon him. After being thrown in Arkham the two cross paths and begin a wild journey of love, friendship and crime. This is the story of how two psychopaths find sanity in one another.

 An Edward Nigma/ Riddler fanfiction

  • adventure
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  • gotham
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  • ivy
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  • riddleroom
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