Homestuck lemons ;)

Homestuck lemons ;)

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shnazySparkles By Calum_Hood88 Updated Jan 07

Allllll the lemon~ including yaoi, human stuck, Yuri, slave x master, s&m, non consent (Sorry it's triggering I know), three way, feels, and some sexy pics of your favorite trolls ;)

Oh these are all x readers and I'm open to lemons other than homestck

Also I'm lazy so updates are spaced

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gayboyswag666 gayboyswag666 Dec 20, 2017
That's what I'm saying! And if I do,  most of the time it's crappily written
echo_x4395 echo_x4395 Aug 15, 2017
I couldn't even tell he was drunk because karkat is always yelling and cussing
Hey dose any one look at Karkat' s  sweater and think of Lenny face?? Just me???
                              ~Lilly has died of laughter~
Ima kill you with a trident you mutantbl—
                              Nvm I’m a Cancer
TheMakarasBitch TheMakarasBitch May 28, 2017
Yes, it's the most logical (and fun) headcannon for troll reproduction.