Homestuck lemons ;)

Homestuck lemons ;)

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shnazySparkles By Calum_Hood88 Updated Aug 17, 2016

Allllll the lemon~ including yaoi, human stuck, Yuri, slave x master, s&m, rape, three way, feels, and some sexy pics of your favorite trolls ;)

Oh these are all x readers and I'm open to lessons other than homestck

Also I'm lazy so updates are spaced

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  • eriden
  • gamzee
  • homestuck
  • karkat
  • lemon
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echo_x4395 echo_x4395 Aug 15
I couldn't even tell he was drunk because karkat is always yelling and cussing
_SmolEgg_ _SmolEgg_ Jul 07
for some reason,  "Wriggler eating," reminded me of two llamas in hats
Yes, it's the most logical (and fun) headcannon for troll reproduction.
this isn't going to end well.
                              Its a mutant blood talking with a highblood.
                              (I'm an Indigo blood)
MirladeFrances79 MirladeFrances79 Mar 25, 2015
since no one requested anything, I figure I might just ask for something! 
                              How about a male!Vriska x reader? Any gender of reader is up to you! and make it lemon. (hush, I have my own fantasies) I'll be w8ing!