Homestuck lemons ;)

Homestuck lemons ;)

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shnazySparkles By Calum_Hood88 Updated Aug 17

Allllll the lemon~ including yaoi, human stuck, Yuri, slave x master, s&m, rape, three way, feels, and some sexy pics of your favorite trolls ;)

Oh these are all x readers and I'm open to lessons other than homestck

Also I'm lazy so updates are spaced

Not to lie but when I read that part where they kissed I fangirled so hard that I threw my phone into a wall and it made it XD
AmericaTheFree AmericaTheFree 5 days ago
vodka... HAHAHAHAHA!
                              TBH I can barely handle caffeine, so I don't think I should try alcohol
disheveledEuthanasia disheveledEuthanasia Nov 12, 2015
MejMin: Really Karkat? Really??
                              Karkat: AW, SHUT UUUUHP..
                              MejMin: *sigh*
MirladeFrances79 MirladeFrances79 Mar 25, 2015
since no one requested anything, I figure I might just ask for something! 
                              How about a male!Vriska x reader? Any gender of reader is up to you! and make it lemon. (hush, I have my own fantasies) I'll be w8ing!