i think he loves me....  i know he likes me.... well i think

i think he loves me.... i know he likes me.... well i think

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Shareese By Shareese86 Updated 3 years ago
Lia has been in love with her best friend since she was five and found him  crying in the hall of their apartment building. Unfornately he has never seen her as anything other than a friend. Even being complete opposites on the social ladder of their high school hasn't broken their bond.  Dealing with abuse at home Lia's home is like a safe haven to Tony. He has dated more than his share of girls and yet always has Lia to come to. He can't imagine life without her and she can't imagine life staying just friends.
I just have to say that I love this book! Tony is such a cool character and their relationship is really convincing XD
"She dragged me outta bed at the freaking crack of dawn!? crack of dawn!? it was twelve in the afternoon!" haha I have said the same thing!  and the more I'm reading the female character sounds alot like me lol
Your story has a lot of potential! I love that you're very descriptive. Keep on writing. If you wouldn't mind please do pm me so I can discuss possibly interviewing you and reviewing your novel.