Rising From Ashes: Book One

Rising From Ashes: Book One

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Mya was content with the life she shared with her grandparents. Though sheltered, she was happy and safe, free of the terrifying situations with her unstable mother all those years ago. But the death of Mya's grandparents changes her life forever. She is forced to move on with only a few belongings and their ashes to remind her what she was leaving behind.

The only family she has left is an uncle she's never met and her Aunt Gwen,  who ran from the life of riches at full speed, leaving her up town upbringing for a bar and a band. Forever a wild child, Gwen must show her niece how beautiful chaos can be and teach her what being a teenager should be like. Get in trouble. Wear makeup. Stay out late. Fall in love. 

Mya has no idea how to see the beauty in any of it... until she walks into his classroom and comes face to face with his beauty. As Mya falls deeper into her forbidden desires she finds out just how chaotic life can be.

(Formally Falling For The First Time)

* Rising From Ashes is currently going through editing and being changed from first person to third. Once complete, the newly edited chapters will replace the old ones, but will not be posted until all are finished. Obviously it would look a bit crazy having some in first and some in third. 

Anyhow, it is going through many apps in order to make the writing cleaner and more enjoyable.

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2far4me 2far4me Apr 07
Love when you can sneak in the age. None of that "My name is Mya. I'm eighteen. I'm moving out today."
2far4me 2far4me Apr 07
I'm very interested in how Aunt Gwen is going to influence our little Mya. Loving this character intro by the way!
astelex astelex Jul 07
This right here broke my heart. You are an excellent writer.
wet-t-shirt wet-t-shirt May 12
I liked this passage.  Didn't feel like an adult until my late twenties.
2far4me 2far4me Apr 07
So Gwen's brother? Or husband? If it's her brother, then Mya technically has 2 surviving relatives left. I think you said "one" earlier.
Maybe have a scene break mark here? An asterisk or something, just because there has been a significant time jump.