Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll Soul Story Part I)

Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll Soul Story Part I)

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Janet Hernandez By BellaDemont Completed

"Have you ever notice that blonde girl that used to sit far back in the corner that barely spoke? How many times did you bumped into her in the hallway and pretend you didn't see her and that she was rather invisible? How many times did you see that she was the last girl standing in the way waiting to be picked for the team? How many times did you made fun of her for being such a weirdo? Well now you remember that girl, I can tell by the smile in your face. Now you remember how she looked? And now look at me. Is there something familiar? No? Well that girl used to be me and all I can tell you is that payback is a bitch." I said with a small smirk.
"You can't be her." He said as he looked at me stunned.
"Really and why couldn't I be her?" I asked him suddenly interested.
This better be good.
"You are very different. You're nothing like her." He said as he still stared at me intently in the face as if he was expecting me to laugh and saw that this was all a joke.
But it wasn't, not anymore.
"Do you know how much people can change in two years?" I said as I left leaving him there.
Well that girl used to be me and all I can tell you is that payback is a bitch
This year was going to be very fun.

Alexis has always been the shy girl that no one pays attention to. She was bullied in her freshman year at high school and after making her parents move she decides to come back. But she is not the same girl she used to be.

Now she has the body, the looks and the confidence, but the best of all is that she has an evil plan and she is going to make every single person that made fun of her pay.
Because Payback Is A Bitch...

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I love it already😂💕 it sounds like a movie😱👏🏽
KawaiiKleah KawaiiKleah Aug 20
Keep holding on cuz we're gonna make it through make it through just stay strong cuz you know I'm here for, here for you
I do love this part. I can somehow relate to it too. It beautiful and it does give off a message.
Omg i saw i saw like what the book is about and damnn i love her
qveen__nika qveen__nika Sep 09, 2015
I've never been bullied physically but badly bullied mentally.  I love this book already