Eyeless Jack x Reader

Eyeless Jack x Reader

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You where on your computer, reading creepypasta when you herd a tapping on your window. You got up walked to the window, with a pair of scissor in your hand, just incase somthing was there. You open the window and to you relief, nothing was there. You sigh a bit bummed that there was nothing. You go back to your computer and here the tapping again. You just dismiss it as the wind. But as time went on the tapping continued and it seemed to get more violent, so you finally got up and open it to find nothing once more. You turn around and seen a man with a blue mask with some sort of black gue competing out of the black eyes. He was wearing a black hoodie and pants. You were confused on how he get in your room in 2sec.

"How did you-" you where cut off by the boy talking.

"Your front door was open" 

"Oh..." you couldn't help but feel stouped for not knowing at was open.

"Um.....who are you" He tilted his head to the side. "I'm Eyeless Jack, I already know who you are (F/N)" 


Just totally dismissed that a strange guy she doesn't even know got in her house and probably is going to kill her
starwinterreads starwinterreads 6 days ago
Very interesting with all of the spelling corrections, but trying to see past all of that it's a pretty good story. I see what you were trying to type in.
My life was summed up when she was bummed. Nothing interesting ever happens in my life😭😭😭😭
can i have your kidneys~? 
                              *face moves away from his to side* NOooooo.
mangosrbae mangosrbae Sep 26
You can have my kidneys, for you have already stole my heart😉