Baby Kuroko-kun

Baby Kuroko-kun

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aurawrrawr-chan By aurawrrawr-chan Updated Jul 23, 2015

I can't think of a good title for this chapter so it shall be called Prologue.  So I guess this is kinda background info on how he hit his head so yea :3 Enjoy this extremely brief chapter!


The Seiren team was practicing as usual. It was summer break. The blazing heat mixed with the unforgiving coach's workouts made a lethal combination. This day was particularly hot and Riko felt that her players were slacking off so she decided to double her players normal routine. 

Kuroko being one who has a lower stamina than the rest of his teammates, passed out.  The team was running their usual laps when the blue haired teen succumbed to the sweltering heat. But this time he hit his head against the hard concrete ground. 


So that was super short but I'll update a  chappie later....Bai ~Arawrrawr-Chan ≧﹏≦

So my nose was bleeding and after I read this it started again!?😂
Ulove99 Ulove99 May 26
Wait. Did Kuroko turn small or not? cause Kagami didn't react at all If he turned small.
Yeah right Bakagami you know you want it 😏😏 you want his boo- *Kuroko hits my head* please stop Minaku-chan *backs away and sobs* Kuwoko, you mweenie.☹️ *Kagami laughs in bg* SHUT IT BAKAGAMI! *Kagami cries in his corner* Miwaku, you mweenie *Kuroko laughs in our faces* SHUT IT!
Kagami what did you do to kuroko whilest he was unconcious??
NNNOOO!!! RIKO NO BAKA!!! MY POOR LITTLE ANGEL *patting kuroko in head*