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Human! FNAF x Reader

Human! FNAF x Reader

423K Reads 16.3K Votes 17 Part Story
Dream By DreamWitchX Completed

(Y/N) (L/N) is the new night guard at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. What will happen when these proclaimed robotic killers meet this kind hearted girl?


Cover Credit: TheDeafPancake

(Seriously love the new cover!)


Okay, this is my first story so it's probably going to suck. If you wind up enjoying it, well, yeah. I try to update before I fall asleep each night, but if I don't do it daily, I will definitely be sure to update once a week. Suggestions are welcome!

(WARNING: Obscene language and maybe a little Fifty Shades of Grey shit .3. JK it won't be too bad.)


TaiyouHinodeKH TaiyouHinodeKH 3 days ago
Im giving my things to my friends
                              R:my nintendo
                              M:my mangas
                              P:my favourite plushie
                              And i have a last wish:
                              CLEAR MY BROWSER HISTORY
Hi 👋 I'm spring kitty 🐱 nya please don't hurt me I love to bake SWEET and pizzas 🍕 for chica well I'm gonna go do ma job bye new friends
Hi my names Your Name. I'm here to get killed and then have fun with some  dead people
TaiyouHinodeKH TaiyouHinodeKH 3 days ago
Wow thats an honest person.
                              I would run to the bathroom and hide
Hi, my name is your name. I'm here to be brutally murdered and stuffed into a suit!
firegirl325 firegirl325 Jul 08
Hi I'm Lalaina Cooper. (tall. dark brown curly hair in a ponytail,  brown eyes, medium olive skin, black hoodie and shirt, dark blue jeans, black and white shoes.)