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Kim Taehyung, The Living Anime( Bts v fanfiction){Completed}

Kim Taehyung, The Living Anime( Bts v fanfiction){Completed}

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Potato o.o By Alitae00 Updated Nov 19, 2015

*bang.bong.dang dong.*

"What is that?" I thought to myself as I woke up in the middle of the night I look at the clock and it was 3 in the morning.

The sound continues.

I got up and head downstair to the kitchen where the sound was coming from.

When I got to the kitchen, someone was by the sink eating something. I grabbed the pan that was on the counter near me and walked towards this someone slowly.

As I got closer to him, he turned and saw me.

"Ahh! " I screamed.

24 hours before the incident.

*beep beep * 

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and hit it so that it'll shut up. I lay in my bed for 5 seconds and then got up and stretch in my bed then head to the bathroom.

"Urg! School! " I thought to myself as I head to the bathroom to wash up.

After getting ready, I grabbed my keys and went to my car and drive to school.

*At school *

"Yah! Hyuna! "

I turn around and saw one of the "goddess" in the school, Jenny.

"Oh what now?" I thought to myself.

I ignored her, turn arou...

wow! even people living in villages play rock paper scissors😕😕😕
ParkJunHae ParkJunHae Apr 14
Is she some sort of Fairy Godmother?I remembered Fushigi Yuugi because of this although it was the girl who went inside the story
Hey Uniichan just reae Mangas!! Because you love anime too like your little sis me :)
H_MLee H_MLee Sep 01, 2016
"Because a rock is for manly men and paper is for sore losers"
                              I don't know where I got that line... I forgot...
ACupOfTaeWithAKookie ACupOfTaeWithAKookie Aug 08, 2016
I thought this was gonna be like some fluffy heart breaking stuff but no this is like sci-fi it's really cool
haha my thoughts--
                              dumb person: Is someone there?
                              Possible murderer: yeah, I'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?