Google It ➵ Stuart Twombly

Google It ➵ Stuart Twombly

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❝All I've ever wanted was a job like this, but every time I look at you, suddenly I don't care about winning anymore.❞

Caitlyn Carter was what you'd imagine to be the perfect, clever, straight-A student. She was never fussed with a social life; believing that good grades were more important than friends and having fun. So why is it, that when she accidentally bumps into a certain beanie-wearing intern; suddenly all thoughts of landing a job seem less important than getting to know the boy named Stuart Twombly?

This is an 'The Internship' fanfiction, you don't have to have watched the movie to read it, but it would help as I do time jump a little 

SPANISH VERSION: translated and posted by @radio-tox-ic

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except for Caitlyn and all her related plotlines, all rights go to the creators of 'The Internship'.

cover inspired by -voidallison

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-KIRACHU -KIRACHU Dec 03, 2017
bro i wish it was this easy to make friends. "Hi! I'm —" "Yeah, I don't care. Bye." *walks away on iPhone*
DaNae_13 DaNae_13 Nov 16, 2017
That's most likely Stuart. But I remember me and my mom were going to my doctors appointment, my window was down and there was this lady on the right of us, but a little bit further up, and she was singing but her singing was so bad that my mom rolled up my window, while I'm dying of laughter
sydneynicole32 sydneynicole32 Jul 10, 2016
Dude, this is literally my favorite outfit out of all the other fan fics I read about. This is the only book that I can actually imagine and like!!😂 So great job hun!!🤓
dilettante98 dilettante98 Apr 07, 2016
Ignore the bad comments. All that matters is I like how I pictured the outfit when reading, and I usually don't like most outfits fanfic writers describe. Thumbs up
sydneynicole32 sydneynicole32 Jul 10, 2016
There's an jerk in my school who calls me Caitlyn and I hate it, but I think I like it a lot more!!
-Veronica_Lodge- -Veronica_Lodge- Apr 10, 2016
Me. Except I wouldn't stop. I would just stare back then start dancing randomly again