Alliance of Heroes

Alliance of Heroes

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Dragondex By Dragondex Updated Feb 01, 2011

A mythical weapon. A betrayal by a trusted friend. A forming of an alliance. And a boy destined to save them all.

The Kingdom of Revek has been under the control of a man named Yerga Heran for the past sixteen years; a throne taken by force, an ancient artefact known only as The Sword With No Name, and a prophecy are all thrown around, and Jake Eno is stuck right in the middle of it. 

Thrown into the annals of history by a mysterious soothsayer's words, Jake must try and reclaim the land from the tyranny it has been enslaved under, fend of hordes of warriors halting him at every turn, all the while interacting with a strange and unique cast of characters - not to mention keeping himself alive.

War is not all it seems, however. A deconstruction of the tried-and-true swords and sorcery genre, Alliance of Heroes forces its protagonist to understand what being a hero really means, and that not everything is in black and white.  Claimed to be 'The Chosen One' by the people, the legend of a messiah grows that is as unstable as it is untrue. 

Jake must battle his own demons and those of his enemies, along with the stoic elf Maia, gruff dwarf Jenkai, mysterious and child-like girl Stacey and the sarcastic and annoying dragon called Versai. With the full weight of the Alliance's dreams behind him and Yerga in front, he is about to begin a war that will never end.

All we need is hope.

  • action
  • alliance
  • battles
  • deconstruction
  • dragons
  • drama
  • dwarves
  • elves
  • evil
  • fighting
  • heroes
  • humans
  • magic
  • monsters
  • romance
  • swords
secretkeeper secretkeeper Sep 03, 2010
Do continue, its was highly enjoyable! You kept me on my seat the entire way through, making the suspence immensley enjoyable!
                              Shh, It's a secret.
                              Secret Keeper.