A Deceptive Beauty

A Deceptive Beauty

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[Fantasy/Romance/non-teen fiction] 

*Formerly known as The True Story of the Beast*

After being punished for messing with a witch, Duke Kaiden Hunter is desperate to break the curse that makes him have an alternate personality - a beast. But the duke's mission is one that will be nearly impossible for him to fulfill: to find a pure-hearted girl who truly loves him, and for her to kiss him at the end of the year. But how can he trust himself when both personalities are cruel in some way? Especially when the beast is capturing girls and is trying to figure out who the girl is - but for a different reason: to kill her. 

Annabelle Harper's father is a terrible gambler who can't always pay all of his debts. When Belle's father decide to gamble with the beast, he accidentally gambles away his daughter. 

Annabelle will now have to pay her father's debt by staying in Kaiden's castle for the rest of the year, with some other girls and the house staff. But as Belle stays longer at the castle, she learns more about her hidden past. Could her past affect the people around her?

With his time limited, Kaiden can only hope he can reverse the curse. And with so many possibilities, the choice will be much more difficult. 

Here is the True Story of the Beast.

writingruby writingruby Jun 10, 2016
Even though she is kind of the villain in this book, I like her. She knows which button she can use to crush him to the bits.
Princess_Hasina Princess_Hasina Jun 06, 2016
OMG I LOVEEEEEE all 3 books!!!! Hopefully I am gonna love this book!!!
fara_violet fara_violet Dec 19, 2015
Chubby bunnies!!!! I actually have a chubby bunny!! Lol AHAHAHAHA ok I'm done now!
tangles- tangles- Nov 28, 2015
I knew this would happen. Not exactly what would happen but I had a pretty good idea. Nice job :) can't wait to read more!
Nina_Watson Nina_Watson Jul 05, 2015
He's not much of a gentleman either. Still hasn't greeted her mother.
                              *shakes head*
                              Horrible decorum for a duke :P
Yes! This is perfect reasoning for the loophole in the old stories; someone who's been played is not forgiving or merciful, especially not towards the person who played them