Winston Preparatory // Book 1: Raising the Bar (Canterwood Crest: Horse)

Winston Preparatory // Book 1: Raising the Bar (Canterwood Crest: Horse)

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**Canterwood Crest (inspired) Fanfiction**
Winston Preparatory Private Academy is an elite private boarding school located in Kentucky.  Only the most deserving students attend and it is an honor to be a student there.  One of the best aspects of Winston Prep is their riding program; with top of the line coaches and dream worthy horses, this stable is major competition.

Jillian Dodd is the newest rider to join the Winston Preparatory riding squad.  She thinks school will be a breeze and she will enhance her riding skills, but will that be the case?  Classes will load her with homework, there will be boy drama, and riding will be tough.  As Jillian rises to popularity, the more difficult things become.  Will Jillian make it and rise to the top, or will the stress break her?

*NOTE* This story is going to be PG-13 because there will be some swearing and some "romantic scenes" (no sexual scenes, though.)

This is the book I need, Since I cant do Horse riding Cuz of it being too expensive/and its being sold, though I signed up for volunteering but never called back. Welp that sounded like a rant XD
Emmawatson9i Emmawatson9i Aug 06, 2017
Loving the story so far but I think instead of when your talking about Jillian horse you could use the horses name not just she did this and she did that(;
Canterlope Canterlope Sep 20, 2017
I like it, I've only read the first page so far, but I like it!
-AnyaXox -AnyaXox Feb 07, 2016
i love horse ridng books as i am a horse ridng my self <3 great start
Serendipity_Stables Serendipity_Stables Feb 24, 2016
Totally awesome! I am a huge fan of this book and the Canterwood Crest series. I wrote a story on here about a racehorse. You can check it out if you'd like!
MyaPonyLover MyaPonyLover Apr 03, 2016
Great so far!!! I ride and I am a huge fan of canter wood crest your are a great writer!!!