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Such a prize (Marionette x reader)

Such a prize (Marionette x reader)

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Will By NinjaBug Updated Sep 16, 2016

(Made for gravityisonLINE) When an 18 year old girl gets hired at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, she meets the marionette, and he has some plans for her... Hehehe (Has human animatronics)

KatelynnUmholtz KatelynnUmholtz Jul 26, 2016
If I was a girl version of him man I would be way taller than I am in real life since irl I'm like 4'10 and I'm 13!!!!
Darkumbreon92 Darkumbreon92 Aug 01, 2016
XD *sees that reader is 7'1* Damn! Reader could be a basketball player. This is way out of my reach for height.
-_-Pastel_Nina-_- -_-Pastel_Nina-_- Jun 17, 2016
                              Its marionette.
MysteriousReader12 MysteriousReader12 Jan 19, 2016
Me: Dafaqu? I'm not a prize last time I checked... Jeremy? Who.. What... *Mari puts a finger on my lips to shut me up*
                              Mari: U talk to much u know?
                              Me: ... How do I respond to this, Jeremy?
                              Jeremy: Don't move... Just don't move...
                              Me: *shrugs* IDK? 'Kay... I guess...
DarkPuppet12 DarkPuppet12 Jan 02, 2016
Me irl reading that in my head: WHERE THE FLUFF DID JEREMY GO AND WHAT THE FLUFF 0///0
Ellffy Ellffy Dec 28, 2015
I'm 5,3 and almost 14 SUH that's normal I think.. My cousin is a week younger then me and he's 6ft something