TOXIC (Teacher/Student-Love Story)

TOXIC (Teacher/Student-Love Story)

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xXLittleRedLionXx By LittleRedLionxx Updated Jun 18

"Come here." He orders in a firm voice. 

"Why?" I question, pressing my thighs tightly together. Why do I feel so tingly down there...?
"Because I said so." He growls. Shit, he looks angry. 

I hastily stand up and slowly walk over to him. My legs work so slow from beneath ,e that I almost feel as though I am being dragged across the room. My heart is yearning to be close to him but my mind is telling m to run for the hills. Why does every moment we share have to be so...heated? 

When I am no more but just a few centimetres away from him, his hand grabs the side of my hip and yanks me forward. I gasp and found myself being held between his legs. "Ian?" I say in a small voice.

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If a guy calls another guy good-looking it doesn't automatically mean that he is gay