Jercy smut

Jercy smut

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   It was a little over 6 months after Gaea had been defeated and everything had changed at both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. At Camp Half-Blood they had started adding new cabins for all the gods and at both any Greek or Roman demigod could go between camps. Most campers didn't mind and/or even welcomed there counterparts. The rest mostly kept to themselves. 

    As far as Jason was concerned everything was nice and peaceful, he had a beautiful,friends at both camps, and he was welcomed at both camps because for one thing he went back and forth a lot and another he was just so likeable. 

    As far as Percy was concerned (yes I started the past two paragraphs the same) everything was awesome no more quests. His relationship with his girlfriend was better than ever. Everything was going back to normal besides the fact that there were Romans in the Greek camp and vice versa. Where ever he went it seemed like someone knew his name even if he didn't know there's.  

   One day Perc...

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ArekusaPeresu ArekusaPeresu Jun 22, 2016
I thought you were choosing your words carefully, Percy. *innocent face*
lesbi_hoenest lesbi_hoenest May 06, 2016
iwritemagicandstuff iwritemagicandstuff Mar 17, 2015
@Daughter_of_Athena11 I'm working on it! It just takes time because of school and stuff