Changing Me ✔

Changing Me ✔

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Cam Williams and Raina Smith, two peas in pod who were once connected at the hip. Nothing could separate the two of them. But Raina moving away to California was never part of either one of their plans, but time wasn't on their side. Starting over is always hard, especially without her best friend at her side. 

"He changed me."

Years later, having to moving again from her life AGAIN to New York with no contact from her former best friend, she isn't too fond of uprooting her life, but maybe this time around it may be a good thing despite her feisty attitude. Convinced that he has forgot her, each passing year, the memories of her and Cam have faded. Until she finds out.

"She changed him."

All is on the line for Cam when Raina enters back into his life, shifting his world upside down AGAIN. When she left him, it left him with a dent in his heart, promising his self that no other girl was worth as much as Rain means to him. His crush for his best friend developed into love each passing year for her, but when she comes back, she doesn't remember him. But the memories of her have never faded for him. Until she finds out the truth.

Until they meet 'again'.