Don't Touch Me! (BxB)

Don't Touch Me! (BxB)

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Fantsy_World By Fantsy_World Updated Mar 29, 2015

Cesar's P.O.V

I sat on my bed in the our small apartment we had bought together. When I say we, I mean me and my friend Bane. We are best friends if you would like to put it. Although there was just, just a small difference between both of us. Well, Im gay and he's, and im pretty sure, isnt gay.

I sighed and kept scrolling through images on my laptop. I had taken with my camera and downloaded them onto the laptop. A lot of them were of the college or the park, but most were of Bane. Sometimes I caught him off gaurd and took pictures. I ran off giggling half the time while he tried to chase and delete the pictures. He never, ever won. 

After a bit I suddnely jumped up off my bed, nearly dropping my lap top when Bane poked me in the side. "Bane! What did I tell you!" I shouted as I gathered my laptop and camera in my arms. "I am off limits. I do not like to be touched." I stared at him before turning and heading to the kitchen. I heard Bane chuckle as he slowly followed behind me. "Wh...

SoaringReader SoaringReader Oct 08, 2016
I thought he didn't like tight -fitted clothing 'cause they "bug" him.