Painful Rejection

Painful Rejection

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FallenSociety101 By FallenSociety101 Updated Aug 28, 2016

Abigail Emerson is a werewolf and has been through it all. The day she always waited for, was the day that her life was going to turn around completely for the better. At least that's what she thought...  

Her parents were killed at the young age of eleven. She was left behind with her only brother, who soon starts pushing her away. What they didn't know is their parents hid something important from them.  

On her sixteenth birthday, she finds her mate. She thought once she meets him, he'd take her away from her misery. To her surprise the opposite happens. He rejects her.  

Rejected by her brother, pack, and mate was enough to push her to her limit. She runs away feeling humiliated, never to look back. What awaits Abby when she's forced to move back two years later? She thinks she's stronger than she was before, but she gets a reality check when she goes back and learns nothing about her changed, except for her name and title. 

Join Abby on her journey to... Rejection, loss, revenge, betrayal, abuse, jealousy, finding love in two different places and of course, let's not forget the heart breaks.  

Remember, bad things happen to good people. Expect the unexpected.

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oxAishaxo oxAishaxo Apr 07
My brother is nicknames Zeke, 3 people​'s names I know, including mine in one story.
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