Start All Over × Luke Hemmings

Start All Over × Luke Hemmings

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New Country. New School. New Friends. New Life.

New Beginning. Fresh Start. Clean Slate. Start Over.

Have you ever wanted to move away and start all over again? That’s all Vanessa has ever wanted. She wants to move away from the life she has grown to hate and start her life all over again.

Bullies. Abuse. Depression. Self-Hatred. 

Weak. Useless. Pathetic. Lost.

Feeling unwanted and under-appreciated aren’t new feelings for young Vanessa Bell, living in constant fear and worry isn’t either. 

It can take just a few words to bring someone’s self-esteem plummeting for the ground and add a few bruises here and there and all self-worth will be lost.

Feeling numb from all the pain is usually a good thing but when you’ve been hurt so much to the point where you don’t feel anything anymore. You’ll often find yourself asking “What is the point?” or “Why do I even bother?”

Maybe Vanessa will find her way, maybe in a place called Sydney, maybe with the help of a boy named Luke. 

When Vanessa chooses to “Start All Over” maybe she’ll find it’s the best decision she’s ever made.

{Warning: Will contain triggering thoughts and action and involves sensitive topics like depression, death, suicide and abuse}

**This is very poorly written because when I wrote it I was 13 so please read knowing that I was a very dumb 13 year-old or read later when I've finished rewriting which is a slow process but I'm getting there, sorry**



Assumption College be like: No shorts, strapless dresses, slippers, sandals etc. DAMN. Ikr.
ChantalMBI ChantalMBI Dec 20, 2016
Yooo like i need a friendship like the boys have (talking about luke, cal and yah)
mmmaaaiiiiii mmmaaaiiiiii Oct 16, 2016
Everyone's like 'fab' and I'm like don't worry you can talk to ash about it, he'll understand
ketchupthedogisbae ketchupthedogisbae Dec 26, 2016
My schools dress code is just no shorts past ur fingertips, no spaghetti straps, and no cleavage past ur armpit line
kingjmin kingjmin Oct 03, 2016
Yall are like kermit the frog sipping coffee and im like "yeah, she can be qualified as a runner in the glade." MAZE RUNNER WJSKZNA