Brown Girl.

Brown Girl.

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Alisha Roy. 
Indian. 5'6 in height. Long, wavy highlighted hair. Gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. Smart. Funny. Beautiful. Sarcastic. A dancer. 

Alex (Alejandro) Valdez. 
Spanish. 6'2 in height. Thick black hair. Deep green-blue eyes. Intelligent. Badass. Funny. Sexy. Adorable. Lovable. Plays the guitar. 

Alisha Roy is shifting to U.S where she encounters the badass yet adorable Alex who is her next door neighbour. Coming from a conservative Indian family, she is a young girl who is in seek of her true self. 
Learning how to balance family, friends and dealing with past torments, she goes about a journey. A journey to an unknown destination.


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PrayingToScience02 PrayingToScience02 Oct 01, 2016
moonstarrynights moonstarrynights Nov 21, 2015
I am already thinking of what their baby would look like. Lol
- - Oct 28, 2015
Hahahahha yesss your dialogues remind of Lily Singh :p And those translations man! Lmao
freakingnightmare_99 freakingnightmare_99 Oct 01, 2015 is cool to little Punjabi here ....m Indian anyways
justsmilelove08 justsmilelove08 Sep 20, 2015
I just moved to India and I have to be honest when I say I didn't want to leave SG. I heard so much of the issues that girls have to face regarding safety...... I moved here a month ago and I'm doing pretty darn fine, but I do miss SG. India is amazing.... and most of the people seem nice!
Varsha_Nair_ Varsha_Nair_ Sep 11, 2015
Not as weird as my combo, my mum's grand ma is British and my dad is completely Indian. Love *sigh*