Changing Daniel  {phan au}

Changing Daniel {phan au}

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uncleELswaggy By uncleELswaggy Updated May 21

"Doctor Lester will be out in a moment, I promise, he doesn't bite," the receptionist laughed. 


cover by @carpesdiems

Why did this make me laugh like imagine phil being that kid who always carries a pocket bible lmAo
U can't change ur sexuality it clings to you forever. FOREVER
VaSheldon VaSheldon Oct 18
Okay I'm trying not to judge Phil but he sounds pretty horrible rn
wow okay but I get phil wants money or something but why would anyone think his parents are sane like "our son told us he's gay and he needs to see a doctor because he's sick" like what in the actual hell
Mom: *puts Christian music on radio*
                              Me: *changes station*
                              Mom: *puts back Christian music*
                              Me: *places earphones*
okay but I started thinking of dollhouse by melanie ?? and it's stuck in my head ?? idk whatever